Launch of the IDF Europe Centenary ofInsulin Campaign: Imagining the Next 100Years of Diabetes
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To mark the beginning of the Centenary of Insulin campaign, we hosted our first webinar titled ‘Imagining the next 100 years of diabetes’, on 22 January 2021. The webinar kicked off with video testimonials from people living with diabetes across Europe who shared their experiences, hopes, and dreams for the future. It then focused on developments in terms of new medicines and advances in therapies and technologies which have the potential to make a significant impact on the way people living with diabetes manage their condition. After a quick look back at the progress made over the past 100 years, the webinar looked at possible future solutions for the next 100 years and ended with a call to action on what is required to further support research and innovation.

The guest speakers on the day included:

  • Professor Andrew Boulton, President, IDF Global
  • Niti Pall, President, IDF Europe
  • Konstantinos Makrilakis, IDF Europe Board Member – download the presentation
  • Markku Saraheimo, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Eelco de Koning, Leiden University, the Netherlands – download the presentation
  • Henrik Semb, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Tadej Battelino, University Children’s Hospital, Slovenia
  • Sufyan Hussain, King’s College, UK – download the presentation
  • Professor Nebojsa Lalic, IDF Europe Chair-Elect

Watch the video recording of the webinar

On the day, people living with diabetes across Europe shared their perspectives on recent developments and their wishes forthe future:

Download the presentations:

We thank our strategic partners for their support of IDF Europe priority activities.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Special thanks to Lilly Diabetes and Novo Nordisk for their additional support of the IDF Europe Centenary of Insulin Campaign.

Lilly diabetes
Novo Nordisk