In Uzbekistan, the availability of insulin and diabetes medicines as well as supplies and technologies for blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery varies based on a number of factors, including diabetes type, age, location, cost, etc.

Screening for diabetes-related complications is scheduled on a biennial basis but its provision varies by region and it is not carried out consistently due to lack of resources and shortages of healthcare professionals.

In order to tackle the high number of undiagnosed PwD and reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications, local diabetes associations are very active and organise numerous initiatives providing, for example, consultative and diagnostic assistance to PwD from low-income families and/or living in rural areas.

Watch the testimonial from Mahliyo Sobirova, a diabetes advocate from Uzbekistan.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Endocrinological and Diabetes Association of Uzbekistan (O’EDA) and the Tashkent Charity Public Association of the Disabled and People with Diabetes (UMID).