Serbia has made great strides in setting up the prevention and management frameworks necessary to reduce the incidence of diabetes and diabetes-related complications. There are national guidelines for the prevention and management of diabetes, and self management education is provided.

Most medicines and technologies are fully available at little or no cost for those meeting the criteria set by the National Health Insurance Fund, although some of the newer medicines and technologies are not yet reimbursed, or not in full.

Although limited, some advances in e-health are under way. There is no educational track for specialised diabetes nurses, although they tend to specialise during their practise, and healthcare staff shortage is an issue. Psychological support for people living with diabetes is also a weak point.

Watch the video testimonials from Aleksandar Opačić, President of the Diabetes Association of Serbia, Professor Nebojsa Lalic, IDF Europe Regional Chair-Elect, and Lucija Jakšić:

This country profile was developed with the help of the Diabetes Association of Serbia and Yourah network in Serbia