North Macedonia

In North Macedonia, insulin is available free of charge for all people living with diabetes (PwD). Other diabetes medicines and devices are available in the country, but they are fully reimbursed only for a limited number of people annually.

E-health is very well developed across the country and provides good national statistics, especially for people on insulin treatment.

One of the main challenges in the country is the organisation of care across the different levels of care. Most PwD in North Macedonia are treated at the tertiary care level, and primary care physicians are often not allowed to prescribe insulin nor renew some prescriptions.

Although education programmes are not officially recognised in the country, some specialised clinics have developed their own formal education programmes for individuals and groups of PwD.

Watch the video testimonials from Dr. Tatjana Milenkovic, President of the Macedonian Diabetes Association, and Tanja Shatanovska, a diabetes advocate.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Macedonian Diabetes Association, and Yourah network in North Macedonia.