In Finland, all types of insulin as well as devices and technologies for blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration are available. All adults are required to contribute an annual initial deductible of €50 for their prescription medicines. After meeting this deductible, medicines are reimbursed at varying rates (40-60-100%). In 2024, the annual maximum limit on out-of-pocket costs is set at €626.94, after which individuals will pay a €2.50 co-payment for each reimbursable medicine for the rest of the year. Diabetes care and prescriptions are free of charge for children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Diabetes specialist nurses are required to follow a special academic training and they play a role in diabetes prevention and management. However, only some of them are able to prescribe medicines after completing additional training.

A diabetes register is in use collecting information on people living with all types of diabetes.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Finnish Diabetes Association (Diabetesliitto).