In Estonia, all types of insulin, except for intermediate-acting insulins, are available and fully reimbursed for all people living with diabetes (PwD). Supplies and technologies for blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration, such as syringes, needles, insulin pens, blood glucose meters and test strips are available and fully reimbursed for all PwD. Newer technologies such as insulin pumps, real-time continuous glucose monitors and automated insulin delivery systems are available and fully or partially reimbursed for some PwD, depending on their age and/or type of diabetes.

Diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) are required to follow a special academic training and they play a role in the management of people living with all types of diabetes. DSNs who work with general practitioners and have completed a 120-hour clinical pharmacology training approved by the National Agency of Medicines are allowed to prescribe diabetes medicines.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Estonian Diabetes Association.