In Cyprus, all types of insulin and other diabetes medicines are available with the exception of Meglitinide and Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors. They are generally free of charge or subject to a very small co-payment on the part of people living with diabetes (PwD).

Syringes, needles, insulin pens, test strips and blood glucose meters are fully reimbursed for all PwD, while insulin pumps and real-time continuous glucose monitors (rtCGMs) are only reimbursed for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.

There is a special academic training for specialist diabetes nurses. However, they cannot prescribe diabetes medicines.

Cyprus has a diabetes register which is, however, incomplete due to strict privacy and data protection frameworks as well as the fact that the participation of private providers is not mandatory.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Cyprus Diabetic Association.