In Bulgaria, insulin is available free of charge or subject to a small co-payment for people living with diabetes (PwD). Most devices and technologies for insulin delivery and blood glucose monitoring are also available and reimbursed for PwD depending on their diabetes treatment.

Occasionally, and especially in the past six months (November 2022-April 2023), the country has experienced insulin shortages due to its irregular delivery to pharmacies.

Screening for the prevention of complications is available and reimbursed for all PwD. However, PwD are not automatically invited to undergo regular screening, and they often have to request it themselves.

National diabetes associations implement various educational initiatives for PwD on a voluntary basis as there is no structured education programme in the country.

Watch the video testimonials from Maya Victorova, President of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Bulgarian Diabetes Association and the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology.