In Azerbaijan, all types of insulin, except for ultra-rapid-acting analogs, are available free of charge for people living with diabetes (PwD). Some devices and supplies for blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration are available but their reimbursement varies depending on age. Insulin pumps are available for 300 children living with diabetes in the country. PwD can obtain continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) by ordering them from abroad. However, this is not a standardised practice. National diabetes associations are currently advocating for CGMs to be readily provided and reimbursed for PwD and children in particular.

A national law on diabetes was introduced in 2004 and the implementation of a diabetes plan followed in 2006. Since then, the plan is reviewed and updated every five years. A diabetes register is currently under development.

Watch the video testimonials from Yegana Sultanova, President of the Azerbaijan Diabetes League:

This country profile was developed with the help of the Azerbaijan Diabetes League