In Armenia, short- and intermediate-acting insulin are available free of charge for all people living with diabetes (PwD). Other types of insulin, as well as syringes, needles, insulin pens, test strips, blood glucose meters, and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), are generally available and free of charge for children. However, newer technologies such as insulin pumps and automated delivery systems are not often accessible nor reimbursed. Outpatient care costs for adults living with diabetes are partially or fully reimbursed according to the country’s Basic Benefit Package, which is based on targeted state health programmes that are prepared and approved annually by the National Assembly.

Self-management education is provided for most PwD. Currently, there are four dedicated schools for diabetes self-management across the country.

A diabetes registry has been developed and will soon start to be implemented across the country.

This country profile was developed with the help of the Armenian Association of Diabetes.